Interior of Subaru auto detail

Stage 1 Detail

Deep Cleaning

Stage 1 Details remove years of dirt from your vehicle. We clean every part of your vehicle, from the trunk to the gas cap.


  • Vacuum seats and carpets in seating area

  • Deep clean of interior surfaces

  • Clean windows

  • Vacuum all fabric surfaces

  • Clean trunk

  • Trim shine on interior

  • Up to 30 minutes of pet hair removal


  • Wash paint and trim

  • Shine tires

  • Clean windows

  • Apply sealant to paint

  • Clean water spots from windows

  • Up to 30 minutes sap removal

  • Apply UV inhibitor to trim

$120+ for interior or exterior

$200+ for interior + exterior (save $40)

Bel Air exterior detail

Stage 2 Detail

Deep Clean + Recondition

Stage 2 Details go beyond cleaning, to reconditioning and corrective steps. Our default Stage 2 Detail includes our most popular options. If you'd prefer, we are happy to customize a Detail for your specific vehicle.


  • All Stage 1 Interior Items

  • Steam clean surfaces

  • Condition plastic/vinyl surfaces

  • Apply conditioner to leather seats

Optional Items

  • Hot Water Extraction for carpet and seats


  • All Stage 1 Exterior Items

  • Remove iron decontamination

  • Clay treatment for paint

Optional Items

  • Paint correction

  • Ceramic coating

$180+ for interior or exterior

$280+ for interior + exterior (save $80)